Dental Plan

3 Great Reasons to Join Now

  • Get the care you need! The longer you put off getting the care you need, the bigger the problems and more it costs. Now there is no reason to wait. With the Advanced Dentistry of Plymouth Meeting Dental’s plan, you can afford great dental care now!
  • Slash cost for your family’s dental care. If you have been paying full price for dental care, you will enjoy dramatic savings without sacrificing the quality and services you demand!
  • Save on deductibles and maximums!
    No deductibles!
    No maximums!
    No limits on your treatment.
Includes at no charge:

Dental Exams
Regular Cleanings
Fluoride Treatments

Plus: save up to 25% on all other dental procedures.

The plan must be renewed on the anniversary date each year in order to continue coverage. This is a reduced fee dental plan, not insurance. This plan is only valid at Advanced Dentistry of Plymouth Meeting Dental. There is no compensation or payment made from this plan to either the patients or the dentists. Reduced fees are based upon a discount of our normal fee schedule, and are subject to change. All procedures must be performed at Advanced Dentistry of Plymouth Meeting Dental. Children are covered up to the age of eighteen as long as they reside at home and or are full-time students. Fluoride Treatments are provided to children up to their sixteenth birthday.

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